food ad tricks
food ad tricks
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Food advertisements lure you into buying their product.  And once you buy it, you will eat it, regardless of your good intentions to stick to a healthy diet. However, don’t fall for their ad tricks and overeat.

Ads can be subtle, so it isn’t always easy to avoid their influence. But you can learn to recognize advertisement tactics and overcome their temptations.

Consider these common deceptions:

Food styling tricks. Did you know advertisers hire food stylists to make their products look more attractive?

    • Food stylists pick out the best products out of a lineup of hundreds. For example, they may go through over 100 burger buns before picking one for the advertisement.
    • Food stylists use paint, fabric, glue, sprays, and other products to make the items look amazing.
  1. Celebrity tricks. Advertisers rely on celebrities to promote their food. This helps create more talk about the product and entices more people to try it.
    • Celebrities often pretend to eat food they may hate. They’re paid to advertise the food, so they’ll carry it around with them but will not eat it.
  2. Photo and video tricks. A food stylist may not be enough, so advertisers also manipulate their photos and videos. They use many software programs to make the food look fresher and more enticing.
  3. Music tricks. Advertisers pick their music carefully. The music used in food ads can be an original or a top 10 hit from artists.
    • In either case, advertisers pick music appealing and memorable. They know you’ll associate the food with the song, so they want the association to be positive.
  4. Placement tricks. Have you noticed how food ads will appear with stories that make you hungry? This deliberate placement can be controversial and tricky.
    • Food advertisers show ads for junk or unhealthy treats between cartoons for kids. Children would watch these food ads and demand that their parents buy the unhealthy products.
    • There are now laws that regulate advertisements during child programming, but you’re at their mercy during regular programming!
  5. Healthy food tricks. Advertisers have noticed that more people are interested in their well-being and eating healthy foods, so they’ve come up with a new set of methods. The ads will show that their food is healthy. This may not be true; they are trying to trick you into buying a product that isn’t healthy.
  6. Scarcity tricks. Food ads may claim a product will only be available for a short period, and you could lose your try it forever. The product could vanish and never return.
    • This scarcity trick makes you want to buy the food before it disappears forever. The advertiser is trying to fool you into a sense of urgency.

Food ads can be some of the most tempting advertisements around you. 

However, don’t fall for these tricks and overeat. Learn to recognize their advertising tricks, and you’ll be a smarter, healthier, food shopper and consumer.


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